Breaking Paranormal UK at Fort Horsted

Saturday 1st December, Breaking Paranormal UK were at Fort Horsted in Kent.

Fort Horsted was built in 1880 by a convict workforce from borstal prison and supervised by the royal engineers, which was complete in 1889. It was used by the military throughout the years until the early 60s, though most of the work that took place there is under the official secrets act.

Here are our experiences, we split into 3 teams along with our guests…


Jemma and Wayne –

In my Team I had Wayne, Tony, Ashley and Lee and we started off downstairs. We stopped in our small group and did some calling out to get the energy going but also listen out to the natural sounds. We had some trigger objects out and the K2s to see if we would get a response. We did keep hearing footsteps but it was more when we were talking. Then we decided to split up and straight away we got activity. Wayne kept seeing a figure popping round the corner from him. We all heard a woman’s breathy scream, I heard a dragging noise which did unsettle me. We stopped down in that area for over an hour and we were all pretty chuffed with what we got. We had no K2 activity but when I made Lee jump we both got the giggles and Ashley’s trigger object (flashing ball) went off.  The first part of the night was coming to a end so we decide to head back to the tunnel area where Tony had been.  He kept hearing noises down there so we decided to join him at the bottom of the stairs. We sat on the stairs and just listened and we could hear noises upstairs. We all got a buzz from the first half of the night, so went back to base room to have a brew and refuel for the next half.

Next half we took the team to some of the tunnels and yes there was a lot of spiders. We decided to call out together get the energy going and again we kept hearing noises like footsteps. Then we split up but we could see everyone. So we knew where everyone was. Didn’t have a lot of anything happening so decided to give the Ouija Board a go. Tony, Ashley, Lee and Wayne were on the board. I opened up the board and introduced us all then we decided to turn the torch off and saw the planchette moving. We realised that the spirit took a shine to Lee.  It kept going back to Lee. We asked some questions and it was a women…she kept spelling some nasty things too us. I did get touched at one point and so did Wayne. She said she was “a woman of the night!” Didn’t get much after that. But we all was pretty chuffed with what we had got.

Then another break came and 10 mins past and decided to join up with another team. Janet, Amanda and Emma. We took them all to where we started as we had about 45 mins left before the night finished. We didn’t get much, the odd noise.

Just want to say what a fab night we all had. I personally would love to go back and definitely think there is more to give from that place. – Jemma

Ashley one of our guests from Jemma’s team also did some EVPS, listen below –



Emma, Amanda and Janet 

Our group at Fort Horsted was myself (Emma), Amanda & Janet plus guests.

Throughout all areas we covered we constantly heard footsteps, whistling & what heard like a woman’s voice. In one part of the tunnels it was quite smokey as we walked down, also we used an app on a phone very similar to the Alice box which gave us words. Some of the words we had were “Above, Haze ,Black”, then we got “Emma Stabbed”, that slightly freaked me out, so we started to head back out to which we then got “Come back”, we didn’t return. As we were in the main tunnel which is very wide and long. We also heard what sounded like, “help me” someone from where one of the other teams were. We all went to listen but nothing else happened.

Thank you to all our guests who were there with us that night – Emma


Kim, Luke and Tammy – 

Wow what a night! Fort Horsted definitely lived up to its reputation for us! In my team was Vicky (from Dead Central) , Gary and Alayne. We also decided to film our night, which you can view below. So much happened, so there may be bits I have missed out. So please do watch the video, let us know what you think.

Area 1 – We were all sat in a circle, calling out. We all kept hearing random sounds and voices. Alayne felt like her head was being touched. Vicky saw a silver light near the doorway. We did try the SB7 and we had the K2 but there was no responses from them.  We decided to go upstairs, where I was told by the host that the spirit didn’t like women. The K2 and Ovilus seem to work really well in this area. The K2 seem to be answering our questions by lighting up for yes. The Ovilus came out with words such as “enemy, outside and down”. But I think the most interesting word that it came out with was the name “Mandy”, after Vicky had asked the spirit about his partner. We believed we were speaking with two spirits,  a lieutenant and his lady. They seem to really like music being played. Both myself and Vicky felt like we had been touched, which I don’t normally get on investigations. I also thought I saw something big crawling on the floor! Just before we decided to go off for a break, I thought I could smell fish which would come back to haunt us later in the night…

Area 2 –  After going down all the stairs we found ourselves in a small room. Again we could hear a few noises but decided to go into the bigger area, so we could all hold hands in a circle. Luke put a ball and Rem Pod close to the small room. There was no response with the Rem Pod. However the small ball to our amazement lit up on its own! It didn’t seem to move, we was no where near it and there was no wind or draft that was strong enough to trigger it. Luke decided to try a few EVPs to see if we could get a name, unfortunately, no voices were captured on the device. The ball only seem to light up the once in this area. So we went near the stairs. Tammy did some role playing, she pretended to be in command, telling the men to get to their posts. This seem to work, we all kept hearing what sounded like laughing and talking. Gary also saw a light down the way, which Vicky saw too. We then decided to walk down into a tunnel. I felt quite uneasy in this area, Luke thought he could see a dark shadow behind me near the stairs. Again after a short while, we could hear talking, which then Tammy could see a figure very quickly down the opposite way, where the talking was coming from.  We then went down the tunnel. All of a sudden the ball seem to light up again, we were all excited and in between our talking, we all heard someone say “fish”. After 10 minutes of us arguing about who said fish, Vicky jumped out of her skin after seeing a mans face. This did really shake her up, she said he looked young and he was near Luke. After this ordeal, we thought it was best for a quick breather and cup of tea, to calm the nerves.

Area 3 – Buzzing from the last hour or so, we were ready for the last part of the night.  We were in one room , with a room opposite to us. Luke was near the door, asking for a spirit to come forward and make the lights change on the K2. He suddenly ran towards us, yelling after he said he heard a big noise coming from the room opposite. Shaken, we all huddled together. Thats when the camera’s battery decided to die, which was weird because it was a full battery. We prepared ourselves for it to kick off but with 10 minutes left to go, not much more happened.

Altogether we had the best time at Fort Horsted, we was so lucky to have so much activity. It is definitely a place I would recommend. I would love to go back in the future. Thank you to all our guests that attended, we hope to see you all again soon. – Kim


We are not stating that everything we have captured in the video is paranormal, that is for you to decide. Please comment, there may have been something we have missed.  Its best to watch with headphones. Enjoy!

Vicky has also written up about her experiences on her blog – Dead Central – Read Here!

Guests/ Other Team Responses –

“We heard enough with our own ears. I’m just hoping it was picked up on my EVP” – Ashley

“I literally can not wait for you guys to see the footage from last night, me and Vicky have had a sneak peak and it’s amazing. Fort Horsted certainly lived up to the hype” – Tammy (team)

“It’s bloody awesome! I’m like .. wow.” – Vicky 




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